Join Our Butcher’s Club

The Primal Supply Meats Butcher’s Club is a pay-as-you-go subscription meat program. When you commit to buying meat in advance, we are able to source the highest quality beef, pork and poultry direct from local farmers on your behalf. Packages of fresh, pasture-raised meats are available weekly at pickup locations in and around Philadelphia.


Want to give the Primal Supply Butcher's Club a try? You can order a one-time package for pickup!

How it Works

Step 1: Join the Club

Check out our Butcher’s Club packages and select the size and frequency that works best for your household. You manage your own account and can change your package size or put your subscription on hold at any time. You can also add-on items like a dozen eggs or a fancy loin steak and pre-order additional products from our online store.

Step 2: Trust Your Butchers

We practice whole-animal butchery to generate a variety of cuts, ground meat and sausages. Each Butcher’s Club package will include a curated selection of fresh vacuum-sealed beef, pork and/or chicken to use that week or freeze for later.

Step 3: Pick Up Your Meats!

Your Butcher’s Club package will be waiting for you at your selected pickup location. The first one will be in a reusable cooler bag. You can contact the Primal Supply team at any time for cooking tips or more information about your meats.




You can pick up a Butcher's Club package at one of fourteen locations in and around the Philadelphia area.
These local businesses are friends of Primal who generously host our weekly member pickups:
Bella Vista: Rally Coffee
Brewerytown: Crime & Punishment
Brewerytown: Primal Supply HQ Butchery & Market
Center City: Rival Brothers
Center City / Suburban Station: Manatawny Stillworks
Cherry Hill NJ: Farm and Fisherman
East Passyunk: Primal Supply Butcher Shop
Fairmount: RyBread
Fairmount/Spring Garden: Stockyard Sandwich Co.
Fishtown/Kensington: Martha
Fitler Square: Rival Brothers
Graduate Hospital/Point Breeze: Dock Street South
Old City: High Street on Market
Main Line: Tired Hands General Store
West Philly: Dock Street Brewing Company
West Philly: The Bottle Shop At Local 44


Butcher’s Club Packages

Butcher’s Club packages are composed of a variety of fresh cuts of locally-sourced grassfed beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken. Each package includes ground beef or pork sausage as well as quick-cooking cuts like steaks and chops. Larger packages also contain whole chickens and cuts for roasting or braising that are great for company or planning for multiple meals.

PRIMAL SUPPLY_MIXED_124 FINAL Credit Jason Varney.jpg

Easy steaks and chops will be quick-cooking cuts of beef and pork such as skirt steak, flank steak, chuck or Denver steaks, sirloin steaks, pork chops or cutlets. Braising and roasting cuts are things like beef brisket, beef chuck roast, beef round roast, pork loin roast, pork belly or pork shoulder.

SMALL Package $40

  • 1lb. ground beef or pork sausage

  • 2-3lb. easy steaks and chops

This package provides meat for 3 meals for 2-3 people depending on your appetite.

MEDIUM Package $66

  • 1lb. ground beef or pork sausage

  • 2-3lb. easy steaks and chops

  • 2-3lb. roasting or braising cuts
    or a 4lb. chicken

This package provides meat for 4-5 meals for 2-3 people depending on your appetite.

LARGE Package $110

  • 2lb. ground beef or pork sausage

  • 2-3lb. easy steaks and chops

  • 2-3lb. roasting or braising cuts

  • 4lb. chicken

This package provides meat for 6-8 meals for 2-3 people depending on your appetite.


Delivery Add-Ons

Gold Yolk EGG Add-On

Add a dozen fresh, pasture-raised eggs to your Butcher’s Club package.

Fancy Loin Steak Add-on

Add a butcher's choice loin steak to your Butcher's Club package. We'll cut you a fresh ribeye, strip steak or some tenderloin medallions each week.


bacon Add-on

Add a pound of bacon to your Butcher's Club package. Cured and smoked at our partner processing facility and sliced medium-thick.

add à la carte items

Shop online for items like ground beef, pork shoulder, sausages, eggs, soup bones and even Primal Supply t-shirts for pickup at any of our Butcher's Club locations. Non-members can shop too! You'll just need to create an account the first time you place an order.